COMMUNICATE is a C-level consulting shop

Quick recap: We work with some of the worlds largest and most innovative companies where we help them get the business, IT and cloud services delivery model right and this include some of the worlds most mature cloud operations and providers that is looking for an integrated approach that meets compliance notably in the bank and insurance sector and I thought that you would find it of interest to strike up a conversation.

If to “pull the building blocks of the digital enterprise together” with orchestration and provisioning of full on digital business  including on / off boarding, IT, Cloud, Infrastructure, Share Point, IAM, SIAM services to business needs in days with drag and drop workflow and forms is on your priority list I believe that you should find this of interest.
 On the “back end” we need to ensure that applications, data centers, mainframe,  the hybrid / internal / external cloud is up and running where most monitoring tools is useful to appreciate when you have an identified problem but does not identify / prevent it in the first place.
Reporting is of course of capital importance where Remedy / Service Now propose reporting it is far from best in class.
COMMUNICATE technology partners on these topics are best in class, Market and Garner leaders.
 Managing director Martin PALMGREN is a seasoned Senior Business and IT Strategy Transformation Executive with 15 years of experience that works with some of the top CIO’s and IT organization’s on the European market on how to deliver business value with IT.

He is recognized to have delivered some of the more innovative enterprise architecture and IT strategy innovation and has been approached by both ISACA and TOGAF to publish where his perspective pulls both models together and his IT Business Model Blue print has been used for several “greenfield” very large initiatives to reposition how IT is leveraged to deliver value for the business. Please find his work @ or

Within this frame he address strategy formulation and rollout for fortune 500 businesses with a focus on how to ensure that the business strategy and objectives are supported by IT with an effective IT Strategy. A cross sector expert he works with both Business and IT Executives to reach this objective. Martin demonstrates strong analytical skills, the ability to clearly structure complex situations and develop and deliver solutions under pressure.He has managed top talent in virtual and physical teams across the globe. A lecturer and thesis adviser he works with top talent from a student to a senior executive level with confirmed results and moves with ease from the executive suite to a startup and classroom environment.

Delivery capabilities would include but not be limited to:

• End-to-end IT delivery with the consolidation of the IT Operating Model and a focus on IT services,
• The IT blue print and delivery of the spin off of large business entities,
• “Innovative CIO” or IT Value Management (Business IT alignment) where the focus is on business needs and we delivered innovative IT solutions and a review of the IT Value proposition with a focus on digital and cloud,

COMMUNICATE is a C-level consulting shop

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