Do you want to stay on top of your IT and Digital and Mobile strategy and deliver to the needs of the business?

Where is the beef? As a part of my thought leadership effort I would like to invite you to discover a slide set on how to stay on top of your IT and Digital and Mobile strategy and deliver to the needs of the business:

Step 1: We keep applications and the network up an running, that is we ensure service delivery
  (Network Management, Service Management, Provisioning to support business needs and big data analysis), we Consolidate the Technical Service Catalogue.
In business terms this translates in to the ability to in 10 minutes time-to-set-up (Discover, Model, Manage: Availability, Performance, Security, )  visualize services, network and security performance in real time with actionable reporting. It also means that we address bottlenecks as they appear rather that when users complain.
Performance dashboards are available in real time with the possibility to drill down and we are able to in a couple of minutes pull together the critical services, network and security  report.
Step 2: We ensure that business services are delivered end-to-end  (We pull the ERP landscape together and stay on top of the IT and Digital and Mobile strategy and deliver to the needs of the business as platforms, dashboards, internal and external self service storefronts, AIMs are available in a browser or an app format as needed), that is we Consolidate the Business Service Catalogue.
Step 3: We build an effective IT Delivery Model to meet Business Needs (build an effective relationship with your stakeholders as you understand their expectations and build a clear IT Business Model and Value Proposition).
What is in it for me? Bottom line: we consolidate the “IT Business Model” (security, architecture, delivery capability, IT Strategy delivery articulated in services) bottom up with a tool set that gives you the opportunity to deliver IT services end-to-end where mission critical network services are kept up an running and IT and network, service provisioning and service orchestration performance “Big Data” (an overview) is available in a dash board at the tip of your fingers and permit you to pilot and follow up on, delivery and consumption of services in real time.
We do this with end-to-end delivery through scalable and secure network management (Discovery, Planning, Configuration, Reporting), service management, self service provisioning, service orchestration, internal and client facing self service store fronts (IAM) that support handheld and BYOD that helps you get the job done regardless of where data and applications “sit” to fully leverage internal / external cloud efforts  that you should find of interest (product oriented). @
Have they done this before? The (anonymous) editor that I have used for this example focus on to “reduce the complexity of managing revenue-generating and mission-critical networks while creating business opportunities through the rapid deployment of new services” and already works with the US Army, US Marines, and US Federal Aviation Administration, Verizon and AT & T, Direct TV, Starz.
Do let me know would you find the logics to be of interest or would you have the time to strike up a conversation on your priorities
Kind Martin
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Do you want to stay on top of your IT and Digital and Mobile strategy and deliver to the needs of the business?

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