The Zachman Framework unlocked

Deliver Business Value with IT

The Zachman frame work is the corner stones in the discipline of Enterprise Architecture, but as the discipline itself it struggles to demonstrate how it can deliver value to the business.

Please find a presentation of how you can unlock the (Business) value of the Zachman framework as well as your Enterprise Architecture initiatives: The Zachman Framework unlocked @

With a degree in chemistry John  most likely inspired by the periodic table regrouped the key questions to ask as we aboard an Enterprise Architecture initiative.


From a Zachman Business Architecture Perspective we capture:

THE WHY: Goal List – primary high level organization goals

THE HOW: Process List – list of all known processes

THE WHAT: Material List – list of all known organizational entities

WHO: Organizational Unit & Role List – list of all organization units, sub-units, and identified roles

WHERE: Geographical Locations List…

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The Zachman Framework unlocked

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