Connect the dots!

Deliver Business Value with IT

This is a breakout from Deliver Business Value with IT (the Book) that you can find as well as (Actionable Story Boards) @ that is flick out the slide set on your ipad and start to share with your CIO, Executives and Board.

Connect the dots!

What has strategy execution, stakeholder priorities, “Time to Market”; business drivers, cost effectiveness & cycle time, Total cost of ownership (TCO); Cost, Consumption, Chargeback, A Business (IT) Model and Value proposition (what?) as well as demand and cost drivers, has to do with the traditional certification Lighthouses such as ITIL, VALIT, COBIT, RISKIT, CMMI, TOGAF, ISO 9000, 20 000, 27 001?
First of all an effective Business (IT) Strategy should cover both the “IT Business Model” and the “IT Value Proposition” and deliver to business priorities.

1: For the IT department to be credible and deliver effectively to the business needs there need to be a clear “IT…

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