Avoid the marshmallow momentum

Deliver Business Value with IT

This is a breakout from Deliver Business Value with IT (the Book) that you can find as well as (Actionable Story Boards) @ https://flevy.com/seller/mpalmgre/ref=mpalmgre that is flick out the slide set on your ipad and start to share with your CIO, Executives and Board.

Avoid the “Marshmallow” momentum

I regularly perform an innovation cursus where we use the Marshmallow challenge http://www.marshmallowchallenge.com/TED_Talk.html as an exercise to demonstrate the make or break factor of a project (strategy, innovation production, sales, marketing, R & D) and the importance of to produce a customer journey map and prototype. Each time I perfom the exercise it hits me how often the “Tadaa” moment turns in to the “Uuh” (translated in to that they did not get it) moment during the delivery of an IT project / IT strategy delivery. But rest assured this would also be valid for strategy, marketing, production, R & D, Sales and Delivery.

Within the exercise we…

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