Focus on the business strategy not project management

Deliver Business Value with IT

Why Agile is not a methodology to build IT Strategy

This is a breakout from Deliver Business Value with IT (the Book) that you can find as well as (Actionable Story Boards) @ that is flick out the slide set on your ipad and start to share with your CIO, Executives and Board.

Agile , is an excellent methodology to ensure project management as we develop software (full stop).

Yet I have over the last years encountered a number of CIO’s that tried to apply Agile to build the IT Strategy and run the IT department ( see also ). Agile is an excellent tool to ensure capability delivery and effective project management and product delivery with the frame of software development.

Where I do agree with the principles of a more “adaptive” approach to IT Strategy development spelled out in I believe it is important to keep the methodologies apart.

One examples @

However organizations are struggling to implement…

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